Majestic Filatures

For the past 30 years, Majestic Filatures has developed deluxe T-shirts exclusively handcrafted in Paris and manufactured in Europe. Our approach is to treat this basic item of clothing with luxury, simplicity and timelessness.

Our Muses

MAJESTIC FILATURES stands for quality and elegance. It is in accordance with these values that we choose our muses.

Internationally renowned tops such as Constance Jablonski, Arizona Muse, Lara Stone and Cindy Bruna have lent their talent and charisma to sublimate the clothes of MAJESTIC FILATURES.

Throughout the seasons MAJESTIC FILATURES has invited each of its muses to design a Capsule Collection where they unleash their creative imagination.

For summer 2016, Constance offered the brand a range of tee-shirts (plain or two-tone, loose sweatshirts or oversized shirts of natural elegance,) on the theme of time symbolised by an embroidered hourglass.
For the winter of 2017, Arizona, took us on a journey to the confines of its American West by revisiting the symbols of its native land on its cashmere jumpers to illustrate its collection.
In 2018, Lara borrowed her natural charisma of sensuality, modesty, rebellion and discretion.
In 2020, top model Cindy presented us with a wardrobe made up of chic, soft and warm pieces just like her.

The founding idea

For more than 30 years, MAJESTIC FILATURES has been a pioneer in the development of the best yarns in the most beautiful materials.

At the end of the 1980s, two self-taught fashion enthusiasts noticed the lack of chic T-shirts on the women's ready-to-wear market.

They decided to launch a brand based on two founding and innovative ideas at the time:

- to focus on a unique product: the t-shirt, an essential and timeless piece of fashion for the wardrobe and..,

- to ennoble it by working on style and research on materials in order to propose an accessible top-of-the-range product.

Motivated by this common passion for fashion and knitwear, they created, in 1989, the MAJESTIC FILATURES deluxe teeshirt brand.

T-shirt specialist

MAJESTIC FILATURES designs and markets top-of-the-range products at affordable prices.

The concept is based on a garment of timeless basic pieces, made of noble and innovative materials, with an emphasis on know-how, precision of detail and accuracy of cut.

The DNA of MAJESTIC FILATURES is summed up in its historically adopted baseline: "Deluxe Teeshirt".

Specialist of the tee-shirt since its origin, the brand has progressively enriched its range of other knitted garments such as dresses, vests, trousers, or jackets. Today, it is made up of nearly 500 models.

"It's all down to these threads created exclusively by MAJESTIC FILATURES. Skilfully elaborated blends of noble and natural fibres (silk, cotton, viscose, cashmere, linen, modal, vicuna ...). Made of beautiful materials and quality finishes, each piece becomes a soft and delicate second skin".

Soft & luxurious materials

Innovation in materials is one of the founding elements of MAJESTIC FILATURES, which outclasses and puts the most famous basic dressing-dressing back in the vanguard: the t-shirt becomes top-of-the-range, elegant, essential and indispensable.

Initially designed from cotton, the collections will be enriched over the seasons with cleverly elaborated blends of noble and natural fibres: wool, cashmere, silk, linen, viscose and even leather to always obtain a noble, innovative and competitive garment.

MAJESTIC FILATURES takes particular care in the quality of the manufacturing of its products. We select materials that are always resistant, luxurious and soft to wear. In addition, we pre-wash all our knits and carry out numerous quality tests.

The vision of a Parisian house

Like a fashion house, MAJESTIC FILATURES, gives priority to a handcrafted design, which is expressed in its Parisian workshop to experiment and realize all the ideas of the designers.

Our stylists, model-makers, master tailors, seamstresses, assemble custom-made prototypes every day. A unique "handmade" know-how.

A particular importance is given to the style to, unceasingly, mark its difference and its sense of detail.

Through the softness and delicacy of "second skin" materials and the charm of a simple cut, with quality finishes, MAJESTIC FILATURES orchestrates, without pretension, the apparent relaxation of the great timeless classics of the women's wardrobe.

A "Parisian" spirit, chic and discreet, which brings a touch of exceptional luxury to casual wear.