Art and materials

The material has always been the great strength of Majestic Filatures.

There is nothing more precious to Roland Chelly than the fabric materials. It has always been Majestic Filatures strength; the brand creates its own knitwear through selected threads by its European factory. Therefore, the garments creation happens daily at the Parisian ateliers, the materials are mixed bringing unique and original textures to life! 

After the Deluxe cotton t-shirt, the collections have been enriched by other products over the years with the particularity of thread mixture.This is how Majestic Filatures became the first brand to offer t-shirts in 70% cotton / 30% cashmere giving the garment a new look and a new sense of comfort.

It can be said that the Majestic Filatures collection, in its entirety, offers an incomparable softness and comfort when worn!

The fabric mixes of cotton / cashmere, viscose / elastane or even cotton / silk, linen / elastane are the brand’s DNA! The collections also include garments in organic cotton.

But the originality of the garments goes even further, since not only are the material mixes often pioneering, but in addition, the essentials line is made in jersey!


The Jersey knitwear, unlike the warped and welted fabric made of interwoven threads, is made from knitted threads, bringing more elasticity and resistance to the product, which has a structure in a curly form. Furthermore, Jersey has a particularity of not unraveling. It’s invention dates back to the XVI century but it took a famous fashion designer in the beginning of the XX century to put it in the spotlight as a noble fabric and placing it in all forms in our wardrobe.

Majestic Filatures is also the knitwear crafted in Italy with a particular sewing process called “seamless” that guarantees an extra softness to the garment.


Majestic Filatures, since its conception has never compromised on quality and has positioned itself an eco-friendly brand by manufacturing its products exclusively in Europe under exemplary conditions. Thanks to a strong partnership with a factory in Portugal, the company works respecting the environment and the customer.

The materials washing and treatment is made according to the European standards.

The vegetable dyes and the pigment ones do not use chemical fixators; the garment keeps its natural aspect with an incomparable soft and comfortable touch.

The finishings are refined and high-quality: Italian zippers, real pearl buttons,…

At Majestic Filatures, we are proud to work with partner manufacturers based in Europe, who have been certified by renowned labels. These certifications attest to our commitment to eco-friendly production.
Our factories adhere to strict standards of ethics, sustainability and environmental protection.
By choosing Majestic Filatures, you are supporting a brand that values ecosystem-friendly production practices and is determined to create luxury garments of the highest quality, while preserving our planet for future generations.



  • Guarantees the absence of GMOs in the cultivation of natural materials.
  • Guarantees the absence of chemicals in the processing of the material.
  • Guarantees product traceability, from the farm to the end consumer.


  • Guarantees respect for and improvement of working conditions.
  • Guarantees environmentally-friendly production and transformation processes.
  • Guarantees the prohibition of hazardous inputs.


  • Guarantees responsible production.
  • Guarantees sustainably processed products.
  • Guarantees a high percentage of recycled content in products.


  • Guarantees that the finished product contains no toxic substances.

The only exception to the European manufactory, is the cashmere, which is made in Mongolia. But even then Majestic Filatures isn’t like everyone else, and collaborates with a family business chosen for its traditional work respecting the herds and ways of nomad communities. 

Therefore, the goats are only brushed, the selection of threads is done by hand, sorted by color and carefully washed at the factory. This all takes place in the winter to assure a more resistant and durable product!

The cashmere, obtained through the knitting of the hair of the Cipra Hircus goat, is introduced in Europe only in the XIX century by a Frenchman named Jean-Baptiste Decrétot. His name comes from the region of the same name (in India) even if, in actual days, the essential of the production is made in Inner Mongolia, where 70 to 80% of the world’s Capra Hircus goats are. It takes four goats to make a sweater; each of them producing around 100 grams of usable cashmere. The natural cashmere has only 3 colors: gray, brown and white; and the Mongolian one is by far the most qualitative. This exceptional fabric varies through the year according to the quality and the quantity of the harvest.

The company is part of a virtuous process by challenging itself daily, and stays on the lookout for innovations. Majestic Filatures claims an authentic and sustainable fashion that favors comfort, a sense of well-being and a respect for materials.